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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  November 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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san francisco 41-mile-per-hour wind gusts, oakland 35 miles per hour, san jose 32. we are now in between weather systems. cbs 5 hi-def doppler showing completely dry conditions right now this break will last until tomorrow afternoon. that's a nice chunk of time we'll be without rainfall. then here comes the heavy stuff that's going to hit north of the golden gate first. and then we all will share in that heavy rainfall by friday morning. it's going to get sloppy, punch numbers 2 and 3 from mother nature involving tropical moisture. i have colored it in green. it's going to be carried into the bay area by a strong area of low pressure and several inches of rainfall still likely beginning friday and lasting through the weekend. let's talk specifics now. sonoma county still looking at 6 to 9" of total rainfall by monday. marin county less but a lot. 6" in alameda county. santa clara county 2 to 5." so flooding is a possibility with rainfall totals like that. we'll talk more about the specific timing and when that
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sunshine going to coming back coming up. >> thank you. the wet weather made a mess of bay area roads. some spots are still flooded. cbs 5 reporter da lin shows us that includes a stretch of the great highway tonight. >> reporter: they had to shut down the great highway because of standing water from lincoln to slope. this traffic signal is buried in 7 feet of sand. the high winds blew the beach sand on the road. a combination of heavy downpours and high winds flooded streets and knocked out power around the bay area this morning. >> it was pouring down rain. >> reporter: high winds brought down this large tree limb in saratoga. pg&e officials say this 28-foot section shut down traffic on thelma avenue and knocked out power to about 200 homes in the
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neighborhood. pg&e crews hope to have electricity here restored by 7:00. same problem in pacifica. pg&e crews say 7 outages in the coastal city darkened about 1200 homes and business. >> we are the first guys to get wind right off the ocean. so it's more gusty than you get over the hill or even in san francisco. we're like the front line as far as that's concerned. >> reporter: some small business owners had to shut down their stores. >> hardware is all rusted and the wind blowing made it move around so it broke clear and hanging by a tap and it slapped the wire together which knocked the electricity out. >> reporter: pg&e got their power back around 1:00. in san francisco, heavy rain forced the department of public works to shut down a stretch of the great highway. large pools of water made it dangerous for drivers to navigate this road. there was more than a foot of
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water in the deepest part of this flooded intersection. >> right now only construction crews can drive on the great highway a lot of them out here working on this stretch of the road and city officials say they don't have any idea when they can reopen the great highway. most likely they say it will be closed today and tomorrow. got enough from pg&e, as well. as of now, 620 customers across the bay area still without power. live from san francisco, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >> da, i'm assuming that that pole right behind you is not the only one of the that's probably a string of them that look like that? >> yeah. a lot of them. in fact, they have a lot of dump trucks out here hauling sand away from this area right now. >> all right. da lin on the great highway, thanks. you can track the storm anytime with our live high-def doppler radar on our website, stormy weather often seems to expose another bay area crisis. our storm drainage systems. our roads and pipes, they all
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seem to be falling apart. the main problem, money. linda yee on how some lawmakers plan to raise the cash. linda. >> reporter: well, dana, i'm in daly city, a couple of weeks ago this neighborhood was covered in mud after around aging pipe cracked. this is just one example of how cities just don't have the money to keep up and maintain their systems even replace old systems. and engineers who recently did a study said, get ready for more catastrophes bay area- wide. a minnesota bridge designed in the 1960s to last 40 years suddenly collapses in 2007. 100 cars fell into the mississippi river. 13 people dead. poor pipeline welds and lack of inspections by pg&e caused the diddley explosion and incineration of -- deadly explosion and incineration of a san bruno neighborhood two years ago. aging pipes and storm drains,
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pushed past their limits sometimes by relentless storms. the american society of civil engineers says putting off maintenance work is not an option. >> pipelines that were designed to be in the ground for 30 years are now in the ground for 100 years. we are expecting the materials that were supposed to last 30 years to last 120 years. it's because we're not replacing these systems. >> reporter: engineers grade the bay area's roadways urban stormwater and flood control a desperately low "d." the bay area needs to spend nearly $3 billion a year to maintain infrastructure. engineers say we can't keep delaying the work. otherwise things we take for granted like -- [ sound picture ] >> reporter: -- drinking clean water, driving down the street without potholes, or just living on a street that won't flood, all of that will no longer be part of the norm. but money to do the work isn't there. two weeks ago a water pipeline
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installed in the 1930s cracked sending a wall of water and mud into this daly city neighborhood burying more than a dozen cars and just missing homes. officials admit there are more old pipes. it doesn't happen often but in berkeley they just voted to pay higher property tax to fix neglected roads and other problems in their infrastructure. >> it's one thing to complain. but you have to back it up. and so help towards making it happen in a tangible way. >> reporter: it's a cautionary tale for the entire bay area. >> right. >> reporter: pay for the work now or pay up to 10 times more later. >> a lot of it was the dollars. it only cost $36,000 to maintain a mile of road. it costs well over a million dollars to reconstruction a mile of road. >> reporter: lawmakers know raising taxes is a political third rail. but state senator-elect jerry hill will push for higher gas taxes. >> the sales tax or increase in
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the gasoline tax is really the solution-foot-long term to improve our roads. >> reporter: are we living on borrowed time? >> in some cases we may be. >> reporter: according to the latest studies by the mtc and other city agencies, there is no money now and dana, tonight they are saying it doesn't even look good for the next 30 years. >> wow. all right. linda yee, thank you. right now, the city of oakland is talking to a concerned community about crime during the holidays and how to improve say the. crime in the city is at an all- time high while the ranks in the police department continue to shrink. phil matier says more people are taking the law into their own hands. phil. >> reporter: you know, this is a nice quiet neighborhood in oakland but just two hours ago will we were setting up to get ready to do this shot here at the fair, police were involved in a high-speed chase that
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ended with a horrendous accident in mcarthur park t spotted a car carrying gangbangers in it including one on probation for previous firearms conviction. they gave a further suit and gave up because it was unsafe. the car and the gangbangers however continued at a fast rate of speed slamming into someone trying to get home from work in his truck. crimes like this obviously get a lot of media attention and they create a lot of buzz. but there's a whole lower level of crime going on in oakland that's not getting the attention. >> in the last three days we have had three robberies at gunpoint. >> reporter: it's the kind of story you hear a lot of in oakland these days where in the past year over 11, 000 cars, homes or businesses were broken into. that comes to about a break-in every 45 minutes. and in residential neighborhoods like the laurel district here, you don't have to look far to find a victim.
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>> my car has been broken into in that lot. >> i saw them jumping into my neighbor's house and go what the hell, it's sunday afternoon! it was so brazen. >> reporter: an oakland city councilwoman says the problem can be traced back to the city's decision to lay off 80 cops when they ran short on money. >> we are really paying the price for past decisions. >> reporter: and indeed in the past four years, layoffs and retirements have meant the loss of some 200 police off city streets leaving residents more and more on their own to fight crime. one neighborhood recently formed its own co-op and bought high-tech security cameras to clock every car that comes on their streets. other residents however have simply found themselves suddenly playing cop. >> they just caught a couple of burglars near our house. and the neighbors helped out. the neighbors chased him down the street and got the guy. >> reporter: now, today, councilwoman schaaf and her counterpart larry reid asked the city to do emergency
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funding to get contracts for 11 sheriff's deputies to start working in oakland during the week and also get 20 civilians on board to help the cops out. as for those gangbangers in the car that hit the poor guy, they took off on foot and are believed to be somewhere in the neighborhood even as we speak. allen. >> and phil, all of this and the police department still has the federal takeover possibility that comes up next month. >> reporter: it does. they had a closed-door meeting about that this week and it appears that that's at an impasse as well but allen, we have a lot of attention about federal takeovers and things like that but for the average resident, it's about crime and it's about trying to get something done on that level. >> yeah. about being safe. thank you, phil matier. you're talking a crime spree of epic proportions. >> the suspect isn't even old enough to drive. why he could be locked up for a very long time.
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smash and grab robbery at a sout jewelry store. security cameras were rollis two men armed with semi police are investigating this smash-and-grab robbery at a south bay jewelry store. look at these guys. the security cameras role as two men with semi-automatic weapons burst into lacy's jewelry store in los gatos. they held employees at gunpoint and went to work. one used a hammer to smash a glass display case. then he filled the bag with jewelry. police say the theft was well planned because the suspects apparently made use of two getaway cars. a 15-year-old accused of
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going on a deadly crime spree faced a judge for the first time today. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on why the boy will be tried as an adult. len. >> reporter: well, dana, first off this was a shocking crime when it happened in this community. people were even more shocked when it turned out that one of the two suspects was only 15. now that juvenile is being treated as an adult in the eyes of the court. adonis muldrow would be in only a sophomore year of high school but the 15-year-old is in lockup and may be for a long time. the second two of suspects to be arrested in a san jose crime spree of armed robbery and murder being tried as an adult even though he is not yet old enough to drive. >> under welfare and institution code 707b, anybody 14 or older who is charged with a crime that faces life in prison or who personally uses a firearm during the commission of the offense can be filed on
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as an adult. >> reporter: he and his alleged crime partner 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks are accused of robbing four san jose businesses at gunpoint then killing 22-year-old rory parkpettiford while trying to steal his car in the parking lot of a west san jose 7- eleven. the pair are also accused of trying to kill the san jose cop who was about to pull them over by shooting at his patrol carnerosly missing with bullets injuring him with flying debris. wilbanks was arrested and police worked for a week tracking muldrow down to an apartment in concord where he was arrested. >> this is a crime spree of epic proportion. >> reporter: this legal analyst says defense attorneys will likely focus on the relationship between the two defendants. >> how long had they known each other? what influence did the adult have on this 15-year-old? how does a 15-year-old start off this crime spree in such a way? >> reporter: we just saw that young defendant heading off to
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his cell. he is not being held in a main jail with the adult population here. he is beale held in juvenile hall. -- he is being held in juvenile hall. he is not eligible for the death penalty even though his alleged crime partner is because the crimes happened before his 18th birthday. >> thank you, len ramirez in the south bay. other bay area headlines, an overpass along 880 in san leandro is going to remain partially closed following a bizarre accident. a big rig carrying recycled cars dropped a couple of them on the freeway near marina boulevard. two cars smashed into the cars that fell off the truck. crews checking the overpass to see if it was damaged. no major injuries reported. in san francisco, police are still searching for a driver who hit one of their patrol cars during the pursuit. the suspect is wanted on gang- related charges and police say he took off after an officer
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spotted him in the sunnyside neighborhood this afternoon. he got away after clipping a cruiser. the officer was not hurt. the suspect's car was later found abandoned in the outer mission. in the south bay, gilroy police are investigating a drive-by shooting in this residential neighborhood early this morning. they say that the gunman opened fire at a house full of people including a 4-month-old child. they didn't hit anyone. police believe the shooting is gang-related. nobody is arrested yet. an express bus company known for its cheap fares is expanding its operations to california. you can travel in style from the bay area to los angeles for just $1. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman shows us how megabus wants to get your business. >> reporter: in an era when you can hardly make phone call to los angeles for a dollar, how about a transit service ready to take you there for a buck? >> it's about us trying to make bus travel sexy again.
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>> reporter: if bus service ever was sexy wants to be your partner again. >> we might get sexy with these type of vehicles. they are new double deckers, glass tops, they have power outlets, wi-fi, sit in comfort, travel long distance express. >> reporter: they will try to make a buck charging only a buck. that's the cheapest price, otherwise most seats range from $5 to $9. they hope to make money packing the 81-passenger buses. >> we can't all be flying first class, can't all be flying or driving. >> reporter: the city travel association figures students young professionals and anyone else hoping to save money will be among the passengers. but isn't it the same company that tried and failed to establish itself here several years ago? >> when they were here before i don't believe they had the double-decker buses. they also didn't have wi-fi. >> reporter: which means you can tweet and check facebook for eight hours to get to l.a. service starts december 12,
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first week all seats a buck. mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> wi-fi might do it. >> it certainly leans new that direction. >> if we go there it's not raining in los angeles. >> you will stay dry inside the bus and drier than around here. we are going to be the bull's eye so enjoy the dry while we have it. we were wet this morning. now we're live looking from the rooftop, a beautiful shot of the bay bridge where we are rain-free. now, you combine some rain, some sunshine you get this video to show from you earlier this morning in the santa clara valley. we had a rainbow beautiful shot there as the rain let up around lunchtime but boy, did it pour for many of you between about 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. earlier today. let's talk about what it's like outside right now. oakland one of the warm spots at 61. tied with san jose. we are not going to get that chilly tonight because we'll stay cloudy. concord currently 5, santa rosa 57. concord 58. there's still some snow and rain over the sierra.
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but that's moving away from us. the next weathermaker is not within radar range yet. when we do get the rain, it is going to pour and in the sierra. now as close as mendocino county, we are under a flood watch. the bay area is not yet. but the weather service says that a flash flood watch. heavy rain for three days is on the way. big counterclockwise swirl here. these are strong areas of low pressure and they are hanging out in the perfect spot to create an atmospheric wall and not allow this tropical moisture to head north to alaska or spread out. instead it's going to consolidate into one area and then that area will get shoved right towards the bay area. that's the setup for not one, not two, but three straight days of heavy rainfall, which will likely increase our flooding concerns as we get toward the weekend. so we're dry now until late tomorrow until tomorrow evening. about this time tomorrow. urban and small stream flooding likely over the weekend but big rivers aren't likely to flood because they
6:21 pm
are so low in november we won't hit widespread river flooding but we'll see a lot of rainfall. tomorrow's highs in the 60s. wet thursday night through sunday, three solid days of rain. but it's going to dry out. that happens on monday. and next week looks a whole lot drier than this week. that is your cbs 5 forecast. they have been banned in children's clothing for 40 years. but coming up in tonight's consumerwatch how your children may be exposed to the chemicals linked to cancer right now. >> and beware of the great hotel deals online. a new reason to carefully check the fine print before you book. ,,,,
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♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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and cbs5 consumerwatch repor julie watts explains one of emicals was banned if you are sitting on a couch you're probably sitting on a pound of toxic chemicals.
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cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains one of those chemicals was banned decade ago. >> reporter: chlorinated tryss was banned in children's clothing in the 70s and since linked to cancer, developmental delays in children and known to cause tumors in lab animals but 40 years later a study found it still is likely in the couch your children sit on every day. a joint report out of uc- berkeley and duke found 85% of couches tested nationwide were treated with chemical flame retardant and nearly half contained chlorinated tryss the chemical banned from children's clothing. near california 100% of the couches sold contain the flame retardant due to flammability regulation from the '70s. new regulations are in the works but in the meantime, the best way to reduce your exposure is to wash your hands frequently, mop, dust and vacuum with a hepa filter. have you ever booked a great hotel deal online only to be hit with surprise resort
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fees when a live? the federal trade commission says it's the common practice and it may violate the law. it's issued warnings for 22 unnamed hotels. the ftc is concerned the hotels are misrepresenting room rates on booking sites. in a letter states that advertised room rates should include unavoidable and mandatory fees. and toys 'r us is dealing with black friday fallout. dozens of unhappy customers are complaining on the company's facebook page about canceled orders and customer service backlogs. one shopper says she placed her order on black friday but wasn't told until yesterday that it was out of stock. long after all the other black friday deals expired. toys 'r us is apologizing for any inconvenience. but as we warned last week, this is common among online retailers who oversell those limited black friday deals. in fact, we got a similar complaint today about dell. now, state law requires retailers honor those black friday deals or you can sue them for the difference. if you have a consumer
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complaint, give us a call at 1- 888-5-helps-u. >> that's helpful. >> but then you have to take the time to take them to court or you can call us and we can call and see what we can get done for you. >> better option. [ laughter ] >> thank you. sandbagging in the bay area. i mean, when he's the last time you heard of that? who needs it and where you can find it. cold wet weather may have played a role in this catcher fire plus the good samaritan who saved the two women inside. >> the powerball jackpot is up to $550 million. when california might get into the game. ,,,,,,
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button.
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the beginning of the rain and the wind. in fact, the worst of the downpours is yet to come. now at 6:30, power problems, toppled trees just the beginning of the rain and wind. the worst of the downpours is yet to come. the rain is gone for now. this is a look at our live high- def doppler radar. it's clear but that's going to change. the bay area got a good soaking this morning. wipers getting a good workout. wet sloppy streets in san anselmo. emergency officials say san anselmo creek is well below
6:30 pm
flood stage. the rain also disrupted dozens of flights in and out of sfo today. more than 70 arrivals and departures were canceled. flight schedules back to normal tonight. san jose and oakland not affected. this is san jose city hall this morning. strong gusts knocked out power in some areas. roberta gonzales is in concord tonight where the city is offering free sandbags. you have the shovel there ready to go. >> reporter: i really do, allen. i have to tell you, all morning and early afternoon, we have been been out in the rain and as you mentioned gusty winds and then i heard about something very special. free sandbags to residents and some businesses. and this is happening all over the bay area. i headed to the east bay and found out that pleasanton, walnut creek, martinez, also san ramon, offering free sandbags. but right here, in the steve concord, they are going a little further. they are offering this service 24/7.
6:31 pm
so i looked up the director of concord and told me, justin e zell had this to say. >> we have the station here that's available 24 hours a day 7 days a week which is new for this city because in prior years this was only available up until 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon monday through friday. and as now the storms don't stop. so people need to get out here and make sandbags in the middle of the night or early in the morning so we wanted to make it available to residents at all times. >> reporter: is there a limitation for residents as far as sandbagging is concern? >> there is a 25-bag limit. so we ask that residents -- they are on the honor system here so we ask that they only take 25 bags. >> reporter: the director of department of public works had a lot to tell me about the concord area. there are some areas more prone to flooding than others. he also said while this is great service to the public the they have delivered to some sandbags to people who can't make it here physically. he said they are also out on
6:32 pm
the streets cleaning out gutters in preparation of tomorrow's second storm moving into the bay area. also it might be a good idea to clean out our gutters, as well. if you want to know more about this free sandbag program in your community, all you have to do is visit us online at from concord, roberta gonzales, allen? >> yeah. roberta, i'm sure volunteers would be welcome too because it looks like you could have used an extra set of hands to hold the bag open to shovel the sand in a it. >> reporter: it's not that bag. 25 bags per person and you don't have to fill them all the way up. but it's a good core workout. >> always looking for the workout, roberta. thanks so much. two women saved from a burning rv in san jose have an alert passer by to thank. the man was walking on santiago avenue this morning when he spotted smoke coming from that
6:33 pm
camper. then he heard screams from inside. he was able to pry open the door and pull those women to safety. investigators think an unattended candle may have sparked the fire as the women slept. >> it's just one of those things during the holidays and around the cold time that would burn candles and have heaters on. you have to be cognizant of making sure we're wake and only having those things on when we're able to tend to them. >> both women suffered minor injuries. one was treated for burns to her hands. the other for smoke inhalation. in san francisco, police are looking for three people who were in this overturned car. the car smashed into several parked cars and a muni bus near the crocker amazon playground late last night. police say the people in the car ran away after it flipped. the two passengers on the bus are said to be okay. welsh a worker is missing after -- well, a worker is missing after a freak at any time struck a steel plant in southern italy. it blew a crane into the sea
6:34 pm
when it slammed into the plant today. strong winds and lightning also took down a tower and chimney there. at least two dozen workers were hurt. president obama and mitt romney plan to break bread tomorrow. they are going to meet for lunch. it will be their first get- together since their last debate. mr. obama said that there are aspects of governor romney's record that he believes to be helpful. >> the president noted that governor romney did a terrific job running the olympics and that skill set lend itself to ideas that can make the federal government work better which is a passion of the president's. >> it will be a private lunch tomorrow with just the two men in the room. the country is about a month away from tumble over the "fiscal cliff" but in washington signs of movement among lawmakers. cbs reporter danielle nottingham on how the president is holding their feet to the fire. >> reporter: president obama is enlisting middle class americans to pressure congress to back away from the "fiscal
6:35 pm
cliff." >> when the american people speak loudly enough, lo and behold congress listens. >> reporter: he will take his case on the road friday and is asking the public to join a twitter campaign calling on lawmakers to renew tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year without delay. >> he is campaigning for his position. i get it. we understand it. but at the end of the day he has to lead on this issue. >> reporter: while congressional leaders meet behind closed doors, some of the biggest names in corporate america are here on capitol hill meeting with lawmakers pushing for solutions. former tennessee governor phil bredesen told lawmakers everything needs to be on the table. >> i think there's a broad recognition it has to be both revenue and serious work on entitlements to make it happen. >> reporter: taxes are still the main sticking point. while president obama wants tax cuts to expire for the
6:36 pm
wealthiest americans, most republicans don't. behind closed doors wednesday, oklahoma's tom cole told his gop colleagues they should sign off on the middle class cut extensions. the house speaker isn't budging. >> it will hurt small businesses and our economy. it's why it's not the right approach. >> reporter: obama administration officials will look for some middle ground in separate meetings with boehner and other congressional leaders on capitol hill thursday. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. even though it's too late to cash in on tonight's powerball jackpot, when california might get into the game. >> the fallout at apple from the misfire on maps. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight, after making her 1- million dollars richer! ye] nguyen claimed h a milpitas woman is thanking her brother tonight after making her $14 million richer. she claimed her super lotto jackpot prize today but it was her brother who bought the winning ticket in september
6:39 pm
when she couldn't get to the store. so now she is planning to share her winnings of course with her brother and family. >> better! california may add powerball to its lottery games. but unfortunately, not in time for tonight's half billion- dollar jackpot. hopefuls were lining up for the that little piece of paper that could change their lives. tickets are selling at a rate of 130,000 a minute! they are like 42 states in this. jackpot not a record but it's close. $550million. >> i could take a helicopter to work if i had the winning ticket. >> would you still come to work? [ pause ] >> taking a little too long to answer. >> pack up my desk now! [ laughter ] >> think that one over. work, four-letter word. tomorrow, california lottery officials will actually talk about joining those other powerball states so what's the incentive? why do we need a third?
6:40 pm
the state where tonight's winning ticket is sold will collect tens of millions of dollars in taxes. bad news for another executive at apple. the tech giant terminated richard wilson, the senior director of iphones platform services who was involved in creating apple's map application. it is the latest in the string of firings at apple over the faulty map app. no word yet when iphone users can expect an improved version of the app. well, at first it just seemed like too much to handle. >> just the magnitude of the problem was completely overwhelming. >> but that's when these jefferson award winners got to work. we'll see how they are saving animals in two countries. >> good evening, meteorologist paul deanno. if you followed this tropical moisture off the television screen here, it would go back west of hawaii. all of that tropical moisture is set to move into the bay area soon. details of when it's going to get here and move out coming
6:41 pm
up. now for my nightly 49er quarterback tease. we finally have a decision. no. i'm dennis o'donnell and a shocker involving the oakland raiders coming up! ,, ,,
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6:44 pm
skills to help thousands of animals and their owners frm mexico to sonoma. a north bay couple combine their skills to help thousands of animals and their owners from mexico to sonoma. as kate kelly reports the jefferson award winners are improving animal welfare on both sides of the border. >> this is romero rescued off the streets of juarez, starving. >> this is juanita. found him on the side of the road hit by a car. >> reporter: they have given names to the rescued dogs and given them new lives. they once lived on the streets of mexico barely surviving under the harshest conditions. >> you will see just a large number of homeless street animals. they are not spayed or neutered so they are actively breeding and problems increase exponentially. >> reporter: they met 10 years ago in mexico while volunteering at an animal
6:45 pm
control center. christie's a veterinarian, moncho a graphic artist. they live in santa rosa but never forgot the suffering they once witnessed. >> homelessness, starving animals. the magnitude of the problem was overwhelming. >> reporter: so they founded compassion without borders, and held their first free clinic in juarez. >> our main emphasis is on spay and neuter and training local vets and advocates how to keep their own sustainable programs going. >> reporter: four times a year they drive south of the border to hold free pet clinics education seminars and humane euthanasia training. this is one of the lucky ones. she was scheduled to be killed when she was rescued from mexico. unfortunately, most of the dogs that end up at animal control centers are electrocuted. but that's beginning to change. >> we have been able to get electrocution completely stopped in one entire state in mexico in chihauhau and some surrounding areas. and we provide all the training, supervision and supplies needed so they can do
6:46 pm
humane euthanasia by injection as practiced here in the states. >> reporter: this year they expanded their mission to sonoma county bringing free health services to the local latino community. >> we thought we had this unique skill set where we could effectively target this population, help bring these services to these animals that so desperately need them. >> we have a lot of tutino residents and what we found is the latino residents are a very, very underserved community. >> reporter: the executive director of the sonoma humane society: >> it's just been really, really wonderful for sonoma county. >> no matter what side of the river it is, life is precious. >> reporter: so for working to reduce animal suffering here and in mexico, this week's award in the bay area goes to this couple. >> read the explanation about
6:47 pm
helping animals in another country online using the link at click the "connect" button at the top of the page and then jefferson awards. >> weather time now. meteorologist paul deanno with the forecast. a lot of you probably said is that it, is that all we are going to get? more rain for the rest of the week. 6 to 9" of rainfall in santa rosa total through sunday. 2" to say, 4 to 7" more. rainfall tapers off the further south you go. high-def doppler radar is dry now. it wasn't here this morning. here in the sierra we had widespread rainfall. this is from the sacramento valley where it poured. then in the mountains above 7,000 feet it's not the rain, it is the snow. ski resorts are loving this. but it really depends on where
6:48 pm
the ski resorts are in elevation because the snow levels are high. that's from heavenly and they are pretty high so they are going to see a lot of snow over the next couple of days. a winter storm warning is in effect for the west-facing slopes of the sierra, one to two feet of new snowfall by friday but here's the key. the snow levels 7,000 feet. so all the ski resorts around tahoe will be fine but all the ones lower in elevation likely will be rain and not snow. speaking of rainfall, look at all that rain that moved through this morning. all the tropical moisture pacific ocean, that moisture can go in a lot of different directions and spread out in this particular case. all the moisture will be steered to one spot and that's going to be here in the bay area and to our north up to the oregon california border. so all the moisture is come. it begins tomorrow night. and this rainfall is going to
6:49 pm
last for about two or three days. now, big rivers probably won't flood because of the time of year. those rivers are so low because it's not january or february, that it would take so much rain we won't see that type of flooding but we see streets and parking lots, urban and small stream flooding. watch out for that. your backyard will be soggy, as well. that heavy rainfall beginning tomorrow lasting through the weekend. highs tomorrow above normal it. will be raining in the afternoon. extended forecast, very soggy. heavy rainfall moves in tomorrow night. lasts all the way until sunday. and then finally, we can say uncle. mother nature will listen and we'll get a break monday, tuesday, wednesday next week all looking dry. now time for our ski report:
6:50 pm
>> a couple of feet of snow over the next few days. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
6:51 pm
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when jim harbaugh made his n i havea drum roll please??? ((roll the 49ers quarterback controversy ended today sort of when jim harbaugh made his proclamation. can i have a drum roll please? [ drum roll ] >> yes, colin kaepernick will be our plan to start colin and prepare him to make that start this week against the rams. >> there it is, folks. kaepernick is the guy for now. but harbaugh would not say he is the quarterback for the rest of the season. and left the situation fairly uncertain going forward. >> colin i believe has the hot hand and we'll go with colin. [ pause ] >> and we'll go with alex. we'll -- they're both our guys. >> it's a great chance to lead this team and so that we're a great team and we can go into play-offs and win games. >> i feel sometimes like i stand up here and talk to you
6:54 pm
and i can read your eyes, maybe you think i'm holding back. i'm not giving you something that's not there. i have given you everything that's there and explained it very well. i think i have explained it very well. >> indeed. now forget the drums. give me taps for this next story. a former raiders top draft pick mcclain says he has been cut by the team. the 8th overall pick in the 2010 draft was the last first pick made by the late al davis but never lived up to the hype and he was fired. mcclain missed practice today for a "team issue" but it appears to be more. mcclain later suggested on facebook that he is waived. he said, quote, officially no longer an oakland raider. well, technically i am, but mentally i'm done. just waiting on my papers. unquote. the raiders wouldn't elaborate on the situation but the soonest they can cut is tomorrow. former raider linebacker bill romanowski with whom i work on
6:55 pm
the raiders radio pre-game show didn't hold back. thank god i don't have to watch rolondo mcclain report anymore. it is an honor and a privilege to play and he was an embarrassment not. the home run king needs 57% of the baseball writers association to vote that he deserves to be in cooperstown. the results of the voting will be announced on january 9. because of his connection to performance-enhancing drugs, this year's ballot is expected to be the most debated in the history of the game. >> bonds joins roger clemens and sammy sosa on the ballot. all have connections to steroids. "san jose mercury news" columnist has a vote and says right now bonds does not belong. >> i don't intend to vote for any of the steroid social club or whatever you want to call it. we still don't know all the
6:56 pm
stuff about what was going on in the steroid era and this would be like -- i feel like an uninformed voters because so many people kept stuff secret but every year we learn more. it's possible that in 10 years we may discover after all the information is in that more than half the players were using substances in those years which case that would frame my decision a lot differently than if i think it was just 5%. >> and this from the bakersfield condors. after the first goal of the game the teddy bears came flying. they do it for charity. over 7,000 stuffed animals were thrown from the stands. look at there. they just keep coming and you will get your chance bay area fans. the san francisco bulls will do this december 7th at the cow palace. again it's all for a good cause. >> man. >> barry bonds. who here would vote for bonds going to the hall of fame right now? >> can't do it. >> no. >> i would. because i think his numbers deserve his inclusion to the
6:57 pm
hall of fame. he once said in a news conference, he looked at the people out in the media and said, you all have things in your closet that you can hide and i think a lot of players did. in that particular era, a lot of guys did steroids. you heard mark atoes that. >> make it a teachable moment. >> how much time do we have? >> steroids section. >> we don't have time for me to answer you, dennis. we'll be back at 10:00 and 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ,,,, ,,,,
6:58 pm
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